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Sable, NSK Type, 4:1 Straight Reduction Nosecone. NSK Model # EX-5.


Accepts Lab Burs

SABLE 4:1 Straight Reduction Nosecone

  • Product Code 1600303
    Compatible Brand NSK
    Compatible OEM Model EX-5 
    Compatible OEM P/N EX-5 M115
    Quick Connect Yes
    ISO Type E-Type Connection
    Head Type Positive Locking
    Speed 5000 to 40,000 RPM Air or Electric
    Bur Type

    DIN EN ISO 1797-1 Normative, must be

    Hardened Metal - Accepts Lab Burs

    Air Pressure 30 to 42 PSI (at motor)
    Weight 77.5g
    Warranty One Year
    Available In Canada & USA
    NSK Model # EX-5 M115
    Sterilization Procedure

    Refer to instructions on your particular autoclave or