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Sable, Kavo, 1:1 Ball Bearing, Contra Angle W/ Internal Air and Water, for Slow Speed Handpieces. 40,000 RPM - ISO E-type. Kavo Model #20C

SABLE 1:1 Ball Bearing Contra Angle W/ Internal Air and Water, 40,000 RPM - ISO

  • Product Code 1610210
    Compatible Brand KAVO Interchangeable
    Compatible OEM Model 20C
    Compatible OEM P/N 534-5220
    ISO Type E-Type
    Gear Ratio 1:1
    Speed 40000 RPM
    Colour Metallic
    CSA Approval Yes
    FDA Registered Yes
    Weight 5.6 oz
    Length 16.5 cm
    Warranty 1 Year
    Available In Canada & USA
    Sterilization Procedure Refer to instructions on your particular autoclave or sterilizer
  • If your office is in the San Antonio and surrounding area, we will deliver to you for FREE.  If not, we will ship to you.  We ship using USPS Priority and ground.  Shipping charges can vary depending on your location.


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