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AUTOSCALER 30K Build In - Ultrasonic Scaler 120 VA Item Number AW30BI

AUTOSCALER 25K/ 30K Build In - Ultrasonic Scaler - Item Number AW30BI

  • 6 YEAR Parts and Labor warranty on internal circuit boards, and 2 YEARS Parts and Labor on all other components of the AUTOSCALER®. The longest warranty in the industry. 


    This warranty is limited to the original purchaser of the unit.


    The unit must be shipped, Freight Prepaid to SEI to render the services provided hereunder in either its original package, or a similar package affording an equal degree of protection.


    Warranty does not include shipping and handling back to the customer. 


    The unit must not have been previously altered, repaired or serviced by anyone other than SEI. To render such service, the serial number on the unit must not have been altered or removed. The unit must not have been subjected to accident, misuse, abuse, or operated contrary to the operating instructions. Handpiece assembly is not warranted if subjected to abuse from excessive pulling/stretching, debris and/or chemical accumulation from water supplies. Water system is not warranted by failure due to debris, and/or chemical deposits from water supplies. Foot switch is not warranted by failure due to operation or storage in a wet environment.

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