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Part #A-VS100

Amalgamator Digital Variable Speed


  • Our Variable speed Amalgamator provides high quality at a great price.  Variable speed adjustment allows user greater flexibility with concern to firmness, wetness of mix as well asbroadening the scope of materials the amalgamator is able to mix.

    Speed range Variable from: 2,800 to 5,000

    1 year limited warranty


    • Digital Time Control

      Set the time digitally from 1-99 seconds. Auto stop at desired time with digital countdown timer.

    • Time and speed Memory

      On-board memory allows the userto turn the main power switch offwithout having to reset the last time and speed setting when the unit is powered back on.

    • Safety Door Switch

      Save your fingers! Unit stops oscillation when the door is opened saving your knuckles from reaching in on an active, moving capsule.

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